Collaboration Specialists is a woman-owned small business offering conflict resolution and related services to the fields of corrections, international peacebuilding and health care. Operating through a network of specialists and partners allows us to respond flexibly with the expertise and varying numbers of professionals that engagements require.

Our work is guided by these values and practices:

  • Careful, accurate assessment means deeply understanding people, circumstances, and 360-degree impact and is essential before making or acting on any plan;

  • An elicitive approach allows us to structure interventions and solutions in partnership with those involved, and grounded in their priorities and perspectives;

  • We start with a well-informed plan and then learn and adapt, continuously watching for ways to adjust our work based on new understandings and changed circumstances;

  • We build on what is already there. The strengths and experience of those involved, along with the practices that already work well, create the best foundation;

  • Healthy organizations and communities embrace a culture of managing conflict and, where conflict is managed effectively, individuals are more productive and more able to concentrate on meaningful work;

  • Work effectiveness is closely tied to an awareness of how our work lives are intertwined with those of others. Empathy is critical to the bonds necessary for effective work, coexistence and change at personal, organizational and community levels;

  • While not every conflict can be resolved, we can often reach a solution that allows people not to be controlled by the conflict so they can continue living or working together with respect;

  • What is most important is not that we fix everything today or see a solution today. What matters is that we continue to engage

  • It is essential that our work translates conflict theories and court orders into practical solutions grounded in day-to-day experience;

  • Collaboration Specialists’ team approach offers greater perception, expanded relationship ability, and increased skills for the client group to draw upon;

  • It takes what it takes. We are committed to ensuring that every conflict and every project receives the time and moves at the pace that each one uniquely requires.