Ginny Morrison often serves as a leader, providing direction, vision and support so that teams can be
their best.

               "Ginny‚Äôs leadership style is participatory, inclusive and highly effective. She approaches
               her work with great energy and enthusiasm, combined with a "hard-headed" reality-
               based approach to task accomplishment. She leads by example, sets high expectations
               and provides support for team members to succeed. She can dream, but she can also
               "chunk work down" into manageable sized pieces, so that teams are more likely to
               achieve their goals. She is widely seen as not only highly competent, but fun to work
               with and attracts a diverse range of team members as a result. She is a marvelous
               contributor, inspiring leader and creative, stimulating and fun colleague to work with

                                                                                     - Dave Joseph, Public Conversations Project


  • Serving on the Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, as the Board Secretary, and as Projects Committee Chair with Mediators Beyond Borders; Ginny also designed and implemented the leadership succession plan for project team leaders

  • Serving as Special Master in the reform of a juvenile parole revocation system

  • In the peacebuilding field, leading assessment and implementation teams

Monrovia, Liberia (Collaboration Specialists, 2011)

  • Managing the entire team of associates, para-
    legals and support staff in a boutique employment discrimination and prison litigation law practice

  • Chairing the Education Subcommittee of the Marin General Hospital Bioethics Committee

  • Serving on the Health Care Section Executive Council for the Association for Conflict Resolution

  • Directing workgroups within:
  •      -  alumni of the Harvard School of Public
             Health Healthcare Negotiation and Conflict
             Resolution Leadership Program
         -  Patient Advocacy Summit II