Collaboration Specialists is committed to the principle that conflicts can be healed, differences can be managed, and seemingly insurmountable distances can be bridged. Conflict is natural and inevitable in today’s complex world. The key is what we do in response.

Over more than two decades of work in the United States and around the globe, Collaboration Specialists has contributed in such varied settings as prisons and juvenile justice institutions, nonprofit organizations and private businesses, major hospital systems and institutional review boards, refugee camps and religious communities, professional associations and government agencies, universities and international peacebuilding initiatives.

Ginny Morrison
(Bauchi, Nigeria (Collaboration Specialists 2013)

By applying accurate, context-specific assessment, elicitive program design, targeted training and coaching, and a commitment to the long-range view, Collaboration Specialists works effectively to restore productive working relationships, help stakeholders identify and meet their legitimate needs in balance with others’ needs, improve service delivery and, in particular, contribute to peaceful communities and to fuller, more purposeful lives for those touched
by conflict.