When working on international peacebuilding projects, the Collaboration Specialists network includes:

▪   K. Johnson Borh                                                                       ▪   William Saa
▪   David Joseph                                                                         ▪   Prabha Sankaranarayan
▪  John Lewis Moore, Four Quarters Consulting           ▪   Debey Sayndee

We also collaborate with:

▪   Amnesty International
▪   Catholic University of Eastern Africa
▪   Center for Conflict Resolution, Kenya
▪   Centre for Conflict Resolution, Ghana
▪   Humanity First
▪   Humanity United
▪   Interfaith Mediation Centre
▪   International Human Rights Law Institute
▪   International Organization for Migration
▪   Kenya Pastoralists Network
▪   Local Capacities for Peace International
▪   Mediators Beyond Borders
▪   Ministry of Health, Office of Psychosocial and

▪   Network for Empowerment and Progressive
     Initiatives (NEPI) (formerly National Ex-
     Combatant Peacebuilding Initiatives)

▪   Peace Building Office
▪   Peace Building Resource Center
▪   Peace Net
▪   Peter C. Alderman Foundation
▪   Public Conversations Project
▪   Pump Aid
▪   Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution
     and Reconciliation

▪   Society Mission Africa Technical Vocational
     Training Center

▪   United States International University