By teaching mediation skills, Ginny contributed to a mentoring program matching women law students with women professionals. She supported NGOs as they learned to do human rights investigation and reporting, and as they grew to add conflict resolution to their skill sets.

In consultation with Depaul University’s International Human Rights Law Institute, the NGOs were convened with sheiks from throughout the country, and Ginny led them in discussion of techniques to manage identity conflicts, and creating a Third Side, to keep their communities safe.

Suleimaniya, Iraq (IHRLI, 2011)

Two young women from Kirkuk [said] they thought there was no way they could talk to the sheikhs. Not only did [Ginny] teach them mediation skills, but [she] got them to move past their fears and start talking. I cannot thank [Collaboration Specialists] enough for that.

- Kandy Christensen, International Human Rights
  Law Institute