Children as young as 8 were stolen and forced to commit unspeakable atrocities, breaking their ties to family and community. Without education, employable skills, or ties, many are alienated and a risk to the peace.

Mediators Beyond Borders reached out to child soldiers in refugee camp to help integrate them into community. The team and its partners prepared the youth through counseling, vocational skills, conflict skills and life skills mentoring. We negotiated with UN and US agencies for repatriation. MBB and its partner, NEPI scouted return locations and prepared the communities – eliciting their fears and anger, planning how to address them, and holding ceremonies and conflict skills workshops.

(Amnesty International)

When the group came back, all tribal governors welcomed them as their sons. NEPI and MBB acted as a bridge with community, troubleshooting problems. We coached the youth on fitting into community and supported them in seeking work. All are safely integrated -- with no arrests and no violence – and our happiest moments are hearing about the families they are raising, the houses they are building, and the ways they are giving back to community.