Ginny and the team have also provided trainings in dialogue facilitation, conflict management skills, mediation, qualitative and quantitative data gathering, and decisionmaking for:

                ▪  peacebuilding NGOs                           ▪  refugees
                ▪  religious community                            ▪  child soldiers
                ▪  community members                          ▪  youth groups
                ▪  human rights groups

Monrovia, Liberia (Collaboration Specialists, 2008)

Ginny has taught a short course in mediation and negotiation skills at the University of Liberia’s Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation, a graduate program, and regularly consults ongoing. The team is beginning a relationship with Cuttington University to include conflict skills as part of professional schools’ curriculum.


[I learned] sometimes you can say ‘I love you but my mind is
different from you.’

- Konor Pissie, Chairlady, Gbah, Liberia