In Liberia’s civil war, constant shifts in alliances blew apart the social fabric. Leaders betrayed followers. Families scattered. Tribes that knew coexistence turned on each other. People lived in the bush or migrated to live with other tribes for the first time. No branch of government could be trusted.

Ginny leads a team that contributes to restoring these crucial bonds. Understanding the effects of community trauma, the team works alongside Liberian peacebuilders to build on Liberians’ resilience. The work centers on community acceptance of child soldiers, integrating youth into society, and women’s alliances that reweave the social fabric.

In addition to community work, the team mentors NGOs in peacebuilding and organizational management and offers conflict skills training to civil society and universities. We need peacebuilders at all levels of society, and we need to link the strata so they support each other to create lasting change.

Gbah, Liberia (Collaboration Specialists, 2011)

When I call a meeting, I say ‘all women to my house,’ it will be packed, they will come because the dialogue makes us to come together. A community without law cannot be a community. A community can not be set. A community with heart – nothing will ever spoil in that community.

- Famatta Fahnbulleh, Town Chief, Gbah, Liberia