The streets of Kaduna are closed on Sundays to protect churches from car bombings. Muslims dress in Christian clothes if they cross into the Christian sector to shop. Gather any group of Nigerians, and someone will tell a story of Christians putting their lives at risk to hide a Muslim family until the Christian mobs subsided. Faith – a most powerful guide in what some call the most religious nation in the world – can turn in an instant into a wildfire of destruction. And it cuts both ways; neither Christian nor Muslim is assured of safety.

The Interfaith Mediation Centre stands as an island of stability in this upheaval. Its leaders and staff reach out to communities, bringing peace through personal stories of redemption and the moral persuasion of scriptures that call for peace and coexistence.

Ginny is joining Interfaith Mediation Centre and Public Conversations Project to expand the reach of this inspiring work. The team is designing an intervention model that blends scriptural persuasion, conflict theory, African traditions, and trust-building dialogue methods. This composite can be one tool when IMC thinks community would benefit, and the team is consulting to strengthen IMC’s organizational capacity so they can remain a great resource to Nigerians long-term.

Kaduna, Nigeria (Seth Karamage, 2012)


"It was lovingly having you with us in Nigeria, of
cause the time we had with you is so memorable in
that I always remember you any time I am facilitating. Thank you so much Ginny for been a part of us In Interfaith.

- Rev'd Bitrus Dangiwa