We are strong believers in networks. Peacebuilders and development professionals need to know when someone else is doing great work just like theirs. Someone who has that great bit of information or that pivotal contact. Someone who really understands when you tell your story, or agonize over an ethical question. Someone who’s already covered that ground and can prevent you from duplicating. Someone with complementary manpower that would make a joint funding proposal that much stronger.

And as much as people see the value, it’s difficult for NGOs to make the time to reach out to each other. Collaboration Specialists convenes NGOs with like interests to build those relationships and increase impact.

Nairobi, Kenya (Michelle Mikesell, 2012)

We facilitate the conversations – whether it’s get-to-know-you, working through a conflict, or planning. We provide the thread of consistency that keeps those relationships alive and plans on track, until they take on a life of their own. We work this into all of our projects, and we offer convening as an independent service to interested NGOs and governments.