Collaboration Specialists concentrates on complex organizational conflict, quality of care disputes, and increasing the conflict management skills of clinicians and leaders.

JCAHO and patient safety researchers have long found that communication breakdowns cause the majority of sentinel events. To put the focus back on patient care, skilled collaboration, teamwork and communication are as important as technical expertise.

Collaboration Specialists professionals have provided services to:

  • academic medical centers
  • large group practices
  • professional societies of physicians, nurses, executives, risk managers, social workers, rehab professionals, specialty societies, and insurers
  • community hospitals
  • government health care providers
  • regional health systems
  • patient safety, research, and bioethics interests
  • staff-model HMOs patient advocacy groups
  • government oversight agencies


[Collaboration Specialists] provides the right combination of experience, skills and sensitivity to introduce conflict management techniques and systems into the unique world of a healthcare environment. It takes someone familiar with the full spectrum, the myriad demands on each facet of the healthcare delivery collaboration, to 'do no harm' while relieving the chronic pain and lingering disruption of inadequate communication and failed provider relationships. I find Debra and Ginny to be professionals of the highest caliber who are also genuine people able to reach a wide
range of people.

- Dale C. Hetzler, MSCM, JD Vice President, General Counsel, CLO Children's Healthcare of Atlanta