We provide mediation within complex organizations, between units and practice groups, and for individuals. The goal is to preserve professional relationships, with dignity and respect for everyone.

Organizational Disputes

Disputes are natural in complex, diverse environments. And they can be brutal on staff and on the bottom line. Mediation is an effective means for resolving conflicts so that operations can get back on track.

In mediation, clinicians and leaders participate voluntarily in confidential sessions. They are responsible for identifying barriers to collaboration, gathering information, and planning workable solutions. The mediators are responsible for managing the process; the answers are determined by the participants.

To accomplish this, impartial experts structure meetings and lead conversations to make it most possible for clinicians, leaders, and staff to have difficult conversations and to develop solutions together. Often, people find they can address longstanding disputes that threaten reputation, resources, staff retention, and safe patient care.

Quality of Care Disputes

The patient-provider relationship is key to good quality care. Miscommunication damages trust and can spiral so far out of control that a lawsuit seems like the only way to get back what was lost. Respect. Information. A treatment partnership. Making sure that harm doesn’t happen to someone else.

And sadly, study after study shows that lawsuits don’t make this happen. When Collaboration Specialists mediates, health care professionals, patients, and their families find they can work together to make things right. Questions get answered. Misunderstandings get surfaced and people can explain. Sometimes patients can give input to improve future care delivery. Some patients and providers restore enough trust to continue their relationships. Everyone walks away knowing they have been heard and been treated with dignity and respect.

With these kinds of agreements and understanding, litigation is rarely pursued.


  • Mediated complex academic medical center organizational dispute involving more than 200 professionals, including administrators, department chairs, physician groups, nursing, legal and risk management, and quality department
  • Mediated for regulatory agency and skilled nursing
     facility regarding alleged treatment violations  involving multiple patients
  • Mediated when a young man died during treatment