Complex organizations bring together people with different professional cultures, backgrounds, education and treatment philosophies all under one figurative roof. After a merger or change initiative, it gets that much more complicated. Of course there will be conflict. And we can manage it and move through it.

Collaboration Specialists works with organizations when they want to design ways to manage conflict internally. Some conflicts require a professional, but most of us manage many, many conflicts on our own. The healthiest organizations cultivate ways for staff to address issues early and directly, and to have some options for going up the chain when needed. You want to look at the most common conflict drivers in your organization and equip staff with a few tools suited to different conflicts. We can help you look at what those are, and how to put them into action in a cost-effective way.

We also come in when things have broken down. It might be that suspicions are high between practice groups and, over time, the nurses and residents have taken sides. There may be legitimate decisions that have taken on a very personal tone. People are stuck having the same argument over and over.Maybe plans are stalled or the arguments are more and more disruptive. Reputations and patient care are at stake.

It’s important, out of respect for the professionals and for the business, to restore these damaged working relationships so that more time can go back to patient care. Collaboration Specialists works alongside health care professionals to do just that – facilitating difficult conversations, analyzing conflict sources and the best ways to reach working agreements that people can live with. Each organization is unique, so we work with you to find the right combination to resolve key conflicts and leave in place methods to manage future conflicts internally.