All Collaboration Specialists programs are interactive, experiential learning. We introduce new ideas, demonstrate them, and learners get lots of practical application through skills exercises and coached conflict simulation. Participants come away with real-world skills that can be applied immediately in the time and resource constraints of the health care environment.

Every program is customized for the organization and for the group in attendance, including examples drawn from actual clinical and operations experience. Programs can be offered to multidisciplinary groups, or tailored to physicians, staff, management, leaders, risk management and quality professionals, or specific service areas.

More than 4,500 professionals have taken our trainings, which are offered through health care systems, professional societies, and continuing education centers.

Programs are typically ½ to 1 day. They can be adapted to 1-hour webinars or Grand Rounds, couple-day intensives or 5-day mediator certification workshops. Skills practice is always best in person, but we can also design information programs for just-in-time online learning.

Frequently requested programs include:


Ginny is an outstanding trainer, who creates a safe environment for participants to take risks and ‘stretch’ their knowledge, skills and behavior. She draws on her theatre background to effectively engage participants and brings a high degree of energy to her trainings. She blends high expectations with a sense of play to create
an energizing learning environment.

- Dave Joseph, Public Conversations Project