Collaboration Specialists offers a range of services to address and prevent conflict, principally in health care systems. Our network of professionals are not only conflict specialists, we are clinicians and health care leaders. We know the professional cultures, the environment and the pressures that drive health care conflict. We know all the reasons it is difficult for health care professionals to sit down and work through conflict, and the very high costs if they don’t. The costs are professional, they’re personal, they’re financial and, most importantly, patient care can be compromised.

We work in all kinds of business settings to restore working relationships, whether between professionals or with clients or patients. We try to get to the roots of the problems, so you don’t have to keep putting out the same fires. We adapt to the realities of each organization, choosing the right combination of mediation, facilitation, training or coaching, in the right sequence, so that conflicts are managed as efficiently as possible. We can work on resolving a single issue or, alongside clinicians and leaders, we can co-create conflict management methods that integrate seamlessly into day-to-day operations

Copenhagen, Denmark (Dennis Bours, 2009)


Rob Robson, MDCM, FRCP(C)
Brian Goldstein, MD, MBA, FACP
Deborah Acker, CNM, MSN, JD