When working with corrections agencies, Ginny Morrison draws on more than 21 years of corrections, management and conflict resolution experience in California and Texas. Her institutions expertise includes mental health, medical care, use of force, sensitive needs populations, and disciplinary due process.

Ginny sees the most effective role for Special Master teams as coaching systems to help them meet constitutional standards. She works with line staff and administration to translate court mandates into practical, implementable tasks. She knows the expectations of the courts, plaintiffs’ attorneys and corrections staff and she serves as an effective bridge between their worlds. This problem-solving approach helps agencies address issues to efficiently bring an end to court supervision.

San Francisco, California (Derek Key, 2009)

Coleman v. Schwarzenegger, requiring suicide prevention and outpatient, intermediate and acute mental health services for more than 30,000 prisoners with qualifying diagnoses in California’s prisons

Ruiz v. Estelle, requiring a full range of systems for Texas’ 120,000 prisoners – use of force, discipline, Administrative Segregation, classification, medical, mental health, population limits, construction standards